New Head Honcho

With Andy Reid simply waiting to be fired, the focus is on the Eagles future. So, what we’ll be doing for the next few weeks is coming up with some interesting candidates for the job. And your first candidate is…

Pete Carmichael Jr. – Offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints!

Carmichael makes sense for the Eagles in a number of ways. First off, the feeling around the Linc has been that Jeffrey Lurie is looking for an offensive mind to replace Andy Reid and Carmichael is a mastermind of sorts. Remember how utterly average Drew Brees was in San Diego? Well, his success is very much tied to Carmichael.

He’s been a member of the Saints organization since 2006, the same year Brees left San Diego. Originally a quarterbacks coach, Carmichael was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2009. During his four years as coordinator, the Saints have been first, sixth, first, and now sixth in the league for total offense. It’s important to note that since week six of last season, Carmichael has been the Saints play caller and that he’s only 40 years old. That’s the kind of guy that you can build a steady foundation around.

Carmichael’s offense is a diverse attack based on speed and quick releases from the quarterback and it just so happens that the Eagles have the right type of personnel to run such a game plan. Receivers like Lance Moore and Devrey Henderson are similar to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Darren Sproles, one of the best in the league as a receiver, would be replaced by an elite back in LeSean McCoy. Also worth noting is that Carmichael often employs a three headed rushing attack. Therefore, if the Eagles kept four running backs on the roster it would actually make sense.

So, while the bigger names like Gruden, and Cowher are popping up, keep your eye on this young, creative play caller in the Big Easy. He might just be the next head honcho.

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