What to Watch For: Eagles/Redskins

With the Eagles pooping the bed on a continual basis and the future of the team and players muddled, what’s worth examining is much different. So, we’ll approach it a little differently form here on out.

1. Foles pocket presence: With the Eagles’ line a rag tag collection of various brands of swiss cheese, Foles will be under pressure all day. While he does’t eed to play a great game, he simply needs to look like he has long term potential. Will he have happy feet after a few hits? How does he respond to interceptions? Is he throwing into double coverage? Can he hit players in stride? These are the things that matter tomorrow. Not his stat line.

2. Brandon Graham: Graham is having a quality comeback season after labeling himself a bust. He’s now playing with the type of power and intensity that matches up to his first round billing. However, while he’s been playing well as a pass rusher, Graham has been beaten repeatedly in the screen game and on edge runs. He needs to round out his game going forward.

3. RGIII: He started the year off strong, however his play has calmed as a passer over the last few weeks. In the same way you want Foles to do well in various aspects of his game, you want Griffin to be the opposite. The Redskins have sacrificed the next two drafts for Griffin, laying the future squarely on his shoulders.

4. Ryan Kerrigan: Kerrigan is a second year player for the Redskins who is an edge rusher opposite Brian Orakpo (when he’s healthy). He has plenty of ability and could provide the ‘Skins with bookend defenders. If the hideous Demetress Dunlap-Kelly monster can hold him off, then it’s something to smile about for the future.

5. Demaris Johnson: Johnson was a slid contributor as a wide receiver in the beginning of the year, however his repetitions left with his return job. With Jason Avant injured, Johnson will get plenty of time. He should be fun to watch and could help himself stick with the next regime.

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