The Boondoggle: Chad Johnson Changes Name to @Ochocinco

Life can be tough in the NFL, especially at the receiver position. Previously considered some of the best at their position, Terrell Owens, Plaxico Burress, and Chad Johnson have been unable to catch on with a club. The belief is that their “diva” reputations outweigh their on field production.

Chad Johnson does not believe that is the case. Instead, he believes that the problem is exposure. That’s why the Ocho Cinco News Network (OCNN) has reported that Johnson has filed papers to legally change his name to @Ochocinco, his Twitter handle.

“Nah, man. It has nothing to do with [being a diva] or the stuff with me and my girl. People are just so obsessed with ipads, iphones, and stuff that they’re too distracted. Well now I’m the distraction…in a good way.”

@Ocho then told reporters that he’ll likely be signed by the time the paperwork goes through. “I’ve said to coaches, ‘people love Twitter, they love the NFL, they love me…what better than an @Ochocinco jersey?’ Tom Coughlin, Bill Belichick, Greg Schiano? I know all those guys love Twitter. They won’t wanna pass up on this.”

This is the first time in NFL (and maybe human) history that someone has changed their name to a Twitter handle. However, there’s likely no one better for such a stunt than Johnson. @Ochocinco has been involved in a number of whacky antics and six Pro Bowl seasons during his NFL career. In many ways his past is what makes him so confident in his boldest act to date.

“I’m a professional. I know how the game works,” said @Ochocinco. “No one is working harder than me right now. I’m probably Tweeting like 15 times a day.”

Johnson is a free agent, free to sign with any team. Whether or not the #ReturnOfTheOcho happens though, is another story.

NOTE: This is not a real story. Please do not treat it as such…unless you want to get yourself an @Ochocinco Jersey.

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