Eagles Signed Roseman to 4-5 Year Extension

This may sound like terrible news to some, given the current state of the franchise. The Eagles stink right now, their head coach is all but guaranteed to be fired, and Michael Vick will likely be shown the door. Essentially, this team will be forced to form a new identity over the next few years. The issue regarding Howie Roseman is, if they’re changing the philosophy, shouldn’t that include changing the GM too?

Not really. Roseman staying in place is perfectly fine for the Birds. While he’s not a “football man”, he has an intimate knowledge of the cap from having worked with Joe Banner, which is a valuable asset. The Eagles are one of the bottom five teams in cap space this year with around 20 million dollars in cap room. That is unbelievable given the amount of talent on this team. The Eagles could sign or trade for basically anyone they wanted next year and not have a cut bait with anyone. This has been a constant theme surrounding the Birds, who have made huge signings over the years in guys like Javon Kearse, Asante Samuel, and Nnamdi Asomugha. They even tried luring Randy Moss to Philadelphia a few times earlier in his career. The results of the players isn’t important. For a coach looking to reshape the team, the possibility is a huge plus.

The other important part of quality cap control? Resigning your own guys. Great players often hit the open market not because their teams don’t want them, but they simply can’t afford a lofty price of a franchise tag. The Eagles can afford those prices, and have been able to consistently. Just last season, DeSean Jackson was on the franchise tag. The Eagles then resigned him and have been rewarded with a fantastic season on his part. This kind of thing lends stability to franchises.

Now the other issue is that since the team does stink, does this team have talent and can Roseman reasonably find quality new players? First, yes this team has talent. Don’t let the awful play fool you. Their talent is the source of why thousands of TVs in the Philadelphia area have been brutally bludgeoned to death since September. Great distress comes from great expectation. The problem is that this team lacks the proper direction, something ideally fixed by the new coach.

So can Roseman find quality players? The grade is incomplete so far since he’s only had two drafts. The 2011 draft class is simply OK. The top of the draft is poor. Danny Watkins is underperforming and Jaiquawn Jarrett was bad enough to be cut before a second season. Not all of the picks were misses though. Jason Kelce, Alex Henery, and Stanley Havili have shown signs of being good players that could stick with the team. The 2012 draft is much better. So far Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks and Brandon Boykin all start. Bryce Brown has performed well in limited reps as well.

The problem with drafting for this team is the same problem for this franchise, the scheme is a mess. Howard Mudd needs a select breed of athletic lineman, Jim Washburn demands great speed off of the edge, and all of the players are being put in positions where success just doesn’t seem possible. For example, how is Michael Vick supposed to complete a pass with four back-up lineman, constant play-actions with five step drops, and a disregard for the running game? It just doesn’t work.

So, the issue doesn’t really seem to be solely on Roseman, it’s also the fault of the other guys in the room. Until I see how he interacts with a new coach, the impression I have on Howie Roseman is that he’s capable of doing something that the Eagles have been doing for over a decade, which is being a regular contender. He just needs the right support.

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  1. a little unrelated, and maybe there’s some simple explanation of this that i’m just completely unaware of, but it seems like our biggest issue (or at least one of them) is the injuries to the o-line. why was there no action at the trade deadline to try to bring in someone with experience?

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