Undressed Week: Sixers Pants’d by Knickerbockers

Yikes. 100-84 and 110-88, the Sixers were summarily undressed during both games of a Home-and-Home against the New York Knicks this past Sunday and Monday. Not much to say here, the Sixers looked plain bad and the Knicks looked as surprisingly unbeatable as they did when they rained threes down upon the Heat last week.

If you want the real story here: The ‘Bockers shot the hell out of the ball, hitting close to 50% of their shots and over 40% of their 59(!!!) total threes across both games. Philly on the other hand, did the opposite, shooting poorly from everywhere save the Charity Stripe. I guess when Sheed, the “Human Victory Blunt”[1], starts drilling them from distance, it’s time to pack it in.

Mercifully few notes and low-lights after the break:

  • As mentioned in the open, the Sixers, prided for their stingy defense, allowed a barrage of threes. Now, some of them were open, others weren’t. It appears that the Knicks were just on fire both games and won’t keep this torrid pace up all season. However, it’s not a good early sign for us that we were so easily lit-up.
  • Good news everyone! Jrue continues his hot start. He threw down 27 and 7 with 5 threes (but no free throws…) on Sunday and struck again Monday with 17 and 8. All those were team leading numbers by the way. Holiday is now sitting on season averages of 19 and 9 through three games. He could, and may, regress as the sample size increases, but I like the leadership and aggression he’s been playing with.
  • I know they smoked us, but can we reflect on how the Knicks, even at their highest of times, can’t win for losing. With each shellacking they accrue early this season, it becomes more and more clear that they play best with Carmelo Anthony at power forward. But wait, aren’t they in the middle of $120 million worth of Amar’e Stoudemire at the same position? Yup. Won’t that be a problem when STAT comes back, won’t accept a bench role and remains nigh-untradeable with his horrendous contract and glass knees? Yup again. The New York Knicks: Where Hapless Happens.
  • Also, they have the oldest team in NBA history. When Rasheed Wallace, freshly minted out of retirement is only your third-oldest player…oops.
  • It seems I’ve run out of nice things to say about the Sixers and relevant bad thing to say about the Knicks… In other news, I had the luxury of attending a game at the new Barclays Center on Monday night (that’s NY related enough right?). A very nice arena all in all. Perplexingly breathtaking from the outside, coliseum-like and interestingly engineered on the inside. Good job Mutant Russian Mark Cuban!

And now, the video:


GAME 2: 

Next up, the 7-6 visit the New Orleans Hornets tomorrow night. This one’s nationally televised on ESPN, so tune in.

[1] Much as I’d like to, I cannot take credit for this moniker. That honor goes to the guys over at The Basketball Jones.

Click the banner to learn more, or check out our Apple Pie 7s Rugby page for a short video about this event.

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