Sixers Avenge Honor: Take Down Iguodala, Nuggets in Home Opener

Only 81 more wins till an undefeated season…right? In all seriousness, the Philadelphia 76ers opened their home and 50th season with an 84-75 win over the visiting Denver Nuggets last night.

With prized acquisition Andrew Bynum watching helplessly from the bench, the 7-6 was still able to take control early and win a sloppy one. Behind big nights from Spencer Hawes and Jrue Holdiday powered the still starless Sixers to a 1-0 record and more importantly, a spoiled homecoming for Andre Iguodala.

Notes and highlights after the break:

  • As I mentioned in the open, Hawes and Holiday had big nights. Spencer threw up 16, 12 and 5(!!) blocks in 31 minutes off the bench. He played active and aggressive with a “who needs Bynum, yes I know I have a euro-mullet!” type of abandon that I love to see from the big Washingtonian. Holiday on the other hand, had a more understated 14, 6, 11 (assists) and 2 steals.
  • Yes, I know Holiday only shot 5-16. But, he took 16 shots! Thank god! We need him to play like an A-list lead guard, we just paid him as such, and he went out there and played the way we’ve been begging him to. The five free-throw attempts also bodes well. I’ll continue to keep an eye on that…
  • Evan Turner kinda stunk. This is not really news. That is all.
  • Andre Iguodala made his return to a rousing round of boos. Exactly what you’d hope for and expect from Philly (anyone confused as to why we should boo a player who merely got traded, stay tuned, post upcoming regarding this). For most of the game (or when fans remembered) he was booed at every touch of the ball. Oddly though, when the jumbotron played a highlight/tribute to his time on the Sixers, everyone cheered. Then went immediately back to jeering him in-game. Confusing.
  • Make no mistakes: this was a sloppy game, both to watch and in the box scores. Neither team shot over 38% from the floor or 28% from three. Denver 20 turns (kudos to us) and at one point in the 2nd half had only hit 9% of their threes…yikes. Not surprisingly, it was a low scoring game (despite Denver’s impetus to run, run, run). Good sign that we can win low scoring ones like this. Even better sign that we slowed down a fast, athletic team like Denver.
  • #DidAndrewBynumPlay: No
  • This may be a reoccurring theme with me, but while I love all the pomp and circumstance the new team owners have put into the live-game experience, I HATE that stupid 76ers jingle…
  • And now, the highlights:

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