Gimme Shelter – Falcons 30, Eagles 17

It was a stormy day at the Linc, though it’s uncertain whether the gusts were born of Sandy’s impending wrath or the ominous winds of change. In a season of decline for Andy Reid, today’s development was the most alarming yet. The Eagles lost for the first time in the game following a bye week, something Philadelphia hasn’t seen during Reid’s tenure. And though the gap on the scoreboard was just short of two touchdowns, even that mark doesn’t properly represent the unevenness of this contest.

The defense had no less than it’s 2nd worst performance of the season, getting burned for two long touchdowns and a hail of easy completions. Kurt Coleman was the villain once again, guilty of flinching at yet another pump fake and giving up a long score. Nnamdi Asomugha, ever the comedian, did his best impression of an old man on a Julio Jones go-route. Mychal Kendricks continued to regress in pass coverage, allowing two costly third-down pass interference penalties and a couple more first-down catches to the apparently ageless Tony Gonzalez. Over the last few weeks, with the offense fighting to stay above water, the defense has at least dammed the opposition offenses and kept the team in the game. Today, with a new coordinator and an undefeated opponent, the deluge proved too immense. And when the levee breaks, you’ve got no place to stay.

The offensive line, which can now be more accurately described as ‘annihilated’ than ‘decimated’ after losing starting guard Danny Watkins for the week, did nothing but contribute to the flood. The passing game was stifled, primarily because Vick was inundated with pass rushers. He was sacked three times, and save a single 32 yard catch-and-run by DeSean Jackson, Vick didn’t complete a pass longer than 16 yards. LeSean McCoy found himself swimming upstream all game, his longest run a mere 10 yards.

We’ll be covering this one in-depth as the week goes on, provided, of course, that we have power. Best of luck through the storm folks, and be careful during hurricane Sandy, too.

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  1. Hank,well said. They have decided not listen to the coaches,but really should they. Total dissarray.Goodbye Andy and staff.I volunteer to go to Avila to recruit Gruden.Nice house he owns there but Main Line or Moorestown will work.

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