Scott Hartnell to be Self Employed; A Note on the Winter Classic

As the lockout lingers longer into the season and starting dates are continuously pushed back, players are scouring European leagues for a place to play. For Scott Hartnell, the decision was an easy one.

It is being reported that Hartnell will begin playing with Kalpa Koupio of the Finnish Elite League. He owns five percent of the club, so it’s safe to assume that he’ll be a starter there.

Hartnell’s decision comes briefly after the NHLPA and owners broke off talks which were rumored to have a general framework in place. Instead, the sides are no longer talking and the league has already stated that an 82 game season is not possible. To make matters worse, the next big rumors are swirling around concerning whether or not there will be a Winter Classic game this year.

For Flyers fans, last year’s Winter Classic was a truly special event. In the Alumni Game, Bernie Parent made a diving save at the age of 66 years old and the fans got to see the duo of Eric Lindross and John LeClair score a goal. Great stuff as a Philly Hockey fan. So, for the fans of Toronto and Detroit and hockey everywhere, let’s hope that it doesn’t reach the chopping block.



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