Nice jacket Andrew, but you’d look better on the court

I know I’m late to the party here, but yet again ESPN NBA, as well as the Sixers’ own Molly Sullivan, have reported Andrew Bynum knee injury news. This time intimating that he has/is/will be receiving lubricating injections into his knees as part of necessary ongoing maintenance for his fickle joints.

This is the third such piece of disheartening news in the past four days. And the multiple shots of Bynum in street clothes at the end of the bench during tonight’s preseason game seem too be dangerously apt  foreshadowing.

Maybe there is actually something to the whole “Lakers shipped us a broken product” rumor after all. (I purposefully avoided saying the phrase “damaged goods” because I swear, if I heard that uncreatively used to reference Bynum one more time…)

I’ve taken the liberty of culling ESPN Rumor Central’s blurbs regarding our new Centers shaky wheel:

Unfortunately nothing too detailed is being released as to why exactly a 24-year-old physical specimen is again required to sit out due to knee problems. In fact, apparently there has been some misinformation regarding whether this has anything to do with his Kobe-Germany-Blood-Injection procedure that he underwent over the summer or some other unreported damage. And, is it just me, or was the “WD-40” analogy so much more unnerving than comforting (which I assume it was intended to be). Oh, if only someone had the foresight to compile a cheat sheet of possible Bynum-related Apocalypses that this could be the first stage of…

Bynum is apparently still aiming for an opening night debut at The Farg on Halloween night. Oh, and the 7-6 shellacked the Celtics 107-75 in a preseason bout tonight…so there’s always that.

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