Flyers Season Opener Would Have Been Tonight

Tonight marks what would have been the Flyers season opener against the Boston Bruins.

Instead, a good number of the Flyers are playing overseas and I will be crying in my room with the lights off yelling “He shoots, HE SCORES!” as I kick socks between my bed posts.

So, given that the Flyers aren’t playing, I figured I’d bring up a memory from the Flyers of a few years past.

Back in 2001, the Flyers were playing against the Maple Leafs. Ty Domi, a fully despised player by the Philadelphia fan base, was put into the penalty box for attempting to fight Luke Richardson of the Flyers.

While he was in the box, Domi received jeers from the fans and allegedly had items thrown at him. As a result, Domi gets upset and starts squirting the fans behind the penalty box.

The rest, is an unforgettable moment that you can see here.

So, with the season in lock-out mode, let us know a memorable Flyers moment that you enjoyed!

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