Michael Vick Owns a Dog Again

It’s ruff being Michael Vick

It’s becoming big news in Philadelphia that Michael Vick, the man once sentenced to 23 months prison time for dogfighting, now owns a dog again.

People upset at the idea are now even angrier that he hasn’t spoken about it publicly. In addition, the fear is now that he owns a dog again, he’ll be an abusive owner. In my opinion, these people can shove it.

Vick has every legal right to own a dog. He’s served his jail time and has been involved in many community projects around Philadelphia, including programs that speak out against animal cruelty. To believe that someone is not capable of changing is simply disappointing.

Vick’s life was ruined when he was arrested for running Bad Newz Kennels and the stink from it is something that he will never be able to fully wash away for the rest of his life. He lost every penny he had an ended up four million dollars in debt.

It’s important to note that he’s on the Eagles. For this organization a “bad boy” mentality is seriously frowned upon. It’s the reason that the Eagles passed on Randy Moss in the draft and the same reason that Quentin Hart, a quality safety, was traded to San Diego. Basically, the Eagles don’t play around with this kind of stuff.

It’s also necessary to remember that Vick has been supported by former head coach Tony Dungy, possibly the kindest personality in the NFL, and hasn’t been involved in any incidents on or off the field since joining the Eagles.

When looking at his days in Atlanta, he was not known for his sportsmanship. The most famous example of his bad behavior is when Vick gave the bird to his own fans back in 2007.

However, in Philadelphia, he seems to be a new man. Always professional at his press conferences. Casual in his demeanor, and, quite honestly, he seems to be a pretty likable guy.

The Eagles obviously seem to like him as well. They signed Vick to a six-year 100 million dollar contract last season. There’s no possible way that Vick would have received this contract if the Eagles had any concerns about his behavior. There’s simply too much at stake for them.

Part of the reason that Vick has changed is because he has Andy Reid as a father figure and Reid in turn had talked endlessly about how Vick has grown as a person.

Basically, he’s been a model citizen since his prison sentence and has every right to live his life well…like a citizen. Keep the dog, Mike. You deserve it.

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  1. michael vicks does not need another dog he will do the same thing he did before the dogs do not deserve what he has put them through. take the dogs away from him before they get hurt too

    • I feel like if Vick were to act out again in some violent manner, hurting a dog is the last thing that he would do. While he had injured dogs in the past, the end result was for money. In conjunction with all of the points I made above, it doesn’t make sense for Vick to abuse his family’s pet because it’s a different context and if he were to have another major incident of animal abuse his career would be over. At this point, the entire country will know if he gets a parking ticket, let alone strike an animal. So even if you don’t trust him as a reformed individual, then just consider it business sense.

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