Claude Giroux and Danny Briere go to Europe; Lockout Update

With the lockout lingering on, it appears as though the 2012-13 NHL season could be in serious danger. Consequently, Flyers Claude Giroux and Danny Briere have decided to team up in Europe…for Eisbaren Berlin in Germany (I might need a jersey).


Briere and Giroux join Ilya Bryzgalov, Matt Read, Wayne Simmonds, Niklas Grossmann,  Ruslan Fedotenko, and Jakub Voracek as members of the Flyers playing in other professional leagues.

What’s concerning is that the this was obviously a last case scenario for both players. Negotiations have not progressed in any significant manner as the owners play hardball. So, with the first two weeks of the season officially cancelled the pair decided to stay in shape elsewhere.

Sadly, this situation has the potential to last the entire 2012-13 season as it did in 2004-05. Gary Bettman has shown nothing but a “they’ll be back” mentality with the fans and is currently involved in his third lockout as NHL commissioner.

So if you’re looking for hockey to be back soon, don’t get your hopes up. You might have to wait until hell freezes over and become populated by Eisbaren.

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