Film Review – Vick to Harbor TD v. the Browns

In this week’s video review, I thought it would be cool to take a look at the play call on the winning touchdown to Clay Harbor two Sundays ago against the Browns.

Sometimes we don’t fully appreciate that receivers aren’t only responsible for developing a good sense of timing with their quarterback. They also have to learn the subtleties of playing with their fellow receivers. This play is a pretty good illustration of how multiple receivers can contribute to producing a positive result on a passing play.

Here’s what I saw…

When the Eagles break the huddle, Jeremy Maclin is wide to the right, Desean Jackson is in the right slot, Clay Harbor flanks Vick at fullback, Brent Celek takes position at left tight end, and Lesean McCoy splits wide left.

The Browns set up in a modified 4-3 Over, with linebackers L.J. Fort and Kaluka Maiava lining up outside of the defensive ends at the line of scrimmage. Cornerbacks Dmitri Patterson and Joe Haden line up against Jackson and Maclin, respectively. Safeties T.J. Ward and Eric Hagg both set up on the left side.

Before the snap, Harbor motions to the left and plants himself on Celek’s hip at left tight end. MLB D’Qwell Jackson and SS T.J. Ward both shift over, but no single linebacker or safety follows Harbor from side to side, which is a strong indication that the Browns are at least in partial zone coverage. It’s hard to tell whether or not the Browns’ defensive backs were in man or zone because none pressed at the line, but each seemed to match up with one receiver.

At the snap, both OLBs move out to cover a shallow zone outside the hashmarks. Maclin runs a short comeback route, and is blanketed by Joe Haden. Jackson head fakes an inside post and runs to the right corner of the endzone. This draws Dmitri Patterson away from the center of the endzone. McCoy fakes a fade route before cutting back across the field. He draws Eric Hagg in coverage.

Celek had the biggest role in getting Harbor open. He chips the left defensive end before breaking upfield and running a post route back to the right. D’Qwell Jackson is pulled over to the left to cover Celek and McCoy.

As a result, T.J. Ward is matched up one-0n-one against Harbor on a shallow crossing route. Ward starts the play backed up to the 2-yard line, with at least 5 yards of separation from Harbor. When Celek darts left to chip the end, Harbor cuts behind him to momentarily screen ward. This nifty move provides enough separation for Vick to find Harbor in the open space past the right hashmarks.

There you have it. Touchdown. Eagles 17, Browns 16.

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