Eagles Put Kelce on the Shelf; Bring Back Another Familiar Face

Credit: Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE

Yesterday, Eagles lead trainer Rick Burkholder announced that starting center Jason Kelce has torn his MCL and partially torn the ACL. While the news sounded grim, there was a glimmer of hope. Burkholder stated that Kelce had two options.

Option 1: give the MCL 4-6 weeks to heal, and allow Kelce to continue playing with a brace on his knee if the tear was minimal in the ACL.

Option 2: Place Kelce on IR for the year and repair the ACL surgically after the MCL healed if the ACL tear was significant.

Turns out the tear was a doozy. Kelce (and more importantly, his fantastic beard) has been placed on IR, officially ending the second year man out of Cincinnati’s season. Kelce’s knee was damaged when Ravens safety Ed Reed attempted to tackle LeSean McCoy and wound up hitting the outside of the center’s right knee.

With Kelce on the shelf, the Eagles signed Steve Vallos-a former Seahawk and Brown-to back up replacement starter Dallas Reynolds at center. With the Eagles unable to sneak Julian Vandervelde onto the practice squad, Vallos was the natural choice.

Vallos signed with the Eagles in the offseason and remained with the team down to the final roster cuts. He took snaps as both a guard and center for the Eagles, providing them with the type of flexible depth that the Eagles crave from their lineman.

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