Eagles/Jets: What to Watch For

For this annual preseason matchup between the Eagles and Jets, this game will be almost nothing but filler in terms of regular season significance. For the most part, position battles have been decided and it comes down to working out the last few spots on the roster or practice squad.

However, what is exciting about tonight is that most of these players are looking to catch on with another team and will be playing hard in hopes of generating some quality game tape. So, in that aspect, tonight will be fun to watch.

And with that, my five things to watch for tonight:

1. Jaiquawn Jarrett will see plenty of playing time tonight and it obviously under a ton of pressure from fans and the media. The main concern for him tonight is not allowing any big plays over the top so if it’s a quiet night for him, it’s a quality night.

2.Vinny Curry should get plenty of reps tonight at defensive end. The second round pick out of Marshall has performed well so far in the preseason, which has likely made veteran Darryl Tapp the odd man out. As a result, Curry will likely be expected to contribute as part of the constantly rotated group of defensive lineman every week. Watch for him exploding off of the edge tonight.

3. Curtis Marsh will also be seeing some quality time on the field tonight. The converted running back has been playing with the starters on the outside when Nnamdi Asomugha lines up on the inside. The Jets also have an interesting pair of young receivers in Stephen Hill and Jeremy Kerley, which could give Marsh some trouble.

4. Demetress Bell has looked lost throughout the preseason, often found running after his assignments and struggling to maintain blocks. The Eagles are paying him over three million dollars for this season in what could (but likely won’t) become a five year deal and Bell has done nothing to prove that he’s been worth that type of money. With King Dunlap being promoted to the starting left tackle position, Bell needs to show something tonight.

5. The number of times that Tim Tebow’s name is mentioned tonight by the broadcasting crew. The over under line I’m setting for tonight is 34.5.

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