The 2012 Philles: Rest in–Oh, nevermind

Coming off of a pivotal three game sweep against the Washington Nationals, who hold the best record in the league, the Phillies have made themselves (mildly) relevant again. With 34 games left to play, the Phillies are nine games out of the newly added second wildcard spot and have now won seven of their last 9 games.

Admittedly, the comeback seems unlikely, but The Wooder Cooler is going glass half full on this one. The schedule ahead is tough. The Phillies still have two series against both Washington and Atlanta and currently trail Atlanta, Saint Louis, LA, Pittsburgh, and Arizona in the hunt for October.

However, it’s not a though this team is devoid of talent. Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard likely have one more run left in them after this year and with the three aces on the mound, they have the chance to make some noise heading into the home stretch. If they can go on a hot streak and dominate their division, the Braves might be having reservations. Pun intended.

I remember a certain team from Saint Louis getting hot going in to the playoffs last year and it turned out rather well for them, wouldn’t you say? They won the World Series. I also remember that the Mets seemed all but certain for a playoff berth for two consecutive years were it not for the voodoo rituals I had secretly conducted in my basement. So you’re all welcome.

The picture will be much clearer in the next week or so as the Phillies play the Mets and the Braves in back to back series, so expect an update on the state of the Phillies in the next few days. Prepare yourselves for a splintery seat on the bandwagon.

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