Eagles/Browns: What to Watch For

With the Browns as the Eagles week 1 opponent, this game has the potential to be particularly vanilla. The starters will get a drive or two at the most to begin the game, however, even then Michael Vick will not be on he field. The Eagles plan to protect him until the regular season starts, given the injury scares he suffered in each of the first two preseason matches. Nevertheless, here are 5 things to look for tonight against Cleveland.

1. Third down: the Eagles defense struggled mightily on Monday, allowing the Steelers to convert several third and long situations. Whether or not that’s a play-calling or execution issue is yet to be seen, but the Eagles need to maintain their success through three straight downs.

2. King Dunlap: With Demetress Bell struggling to maintain the edge, King Dunlap now has the opportunity to take his career to the next level and solidify himself as a reliable option in the NFL. Can Dunlap continue to build on Monday’s performance?

3: Back-up center: As I am now stating to death. This position is very important for the Eagles security this year. In addition to the main competitors of Julian Vandervelde and Dallas Reynolds, journeyman Steve Vallos has received some attention snapping the ball. I’m hoping anyone but Dallas Reynolds wins the position, solely because the concept of rooting for something named Dallas makes me cringe.

4. Nick Foles: Foles is a hot commodity at the moment, seemingly going from “what’s his name?” to Super Bowl MVP overnight. While Reid remains coy on the Foles chances of being the second string quarterback, it’s hard to deny his ability. Foles has demonstrated a control in the pocket that seems beyond his years. Of course all it takes is one preseason stinker for everyone to count the minutes until Kafka returns.

5. Phillip Hunt: Hunt has been on fire the past week and a half. Literally. I’m beginning to believe that he might be Ghost Rider. Hunt has been a force off the edge, unleashing havoc for quarterbacks seemingly every time he steps onto the field. Another good showing tonight and it will be nearly impossible to not keep him on the 53 man roster.

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