Eagles Release Second Depth Chart

With the release of their second depth chart this pre-season, the Eagles really didn’t provide any surprises offensively. Demetress Bell, the hopeful replacement for Jason Peters, is replaced by King Dunlap as the team’s starting left tackle. The news is not surprising given that Bell struggled against Pittsburgh and is still adjusting to Howard Mudd’s scheme. While it may be a little concerning, it’s likely more of an opportunity to light a fire under the former buffalo Bill and see what Dunlap can provide this year as well. Overall, no harm done. 

Also worth noting, Dallas Reynolds is listed as the teams back-up center behind second year man Jason Kelce. This is pretty important for the birds. As of now the position has been a rotation between Reynolds and Julian Vandervelde. It’ll be interesting to see if they both get turns at center against New England on Monday night. 

On defense, it looks like Joselio Hanson is the current leader to win the nickel job this year, which is vital considering how frequently the Eagles line up in that formation. Also, it appears as though Trevard Lindley-a 2010 4th round pick, will be out of a job this year as a result of either Brandon Hughes or undrafted rookie free agent Cliff Harris. 

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