Reaction: Eagles beat Pittsburgh 24-23 in First Preseason Game

The most important thing to understand about tonight is that it’s the preseason. While it’s nice to see the first units play well, their time doesn’t mean much. The real focus is on the rookies and fringe players.

For the rookies, Mychal Kendricks looked active on the field and demonstrated some of his athleticism. Same for Vinny Curry, who was a force to be reckoned with throughout the night.

The most exciting part of tonight for me was the emergence of Demaris Johnson, who did a great job stepping in for Jeremy Maclin at the last minute, contributing 4 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown while also showing some playmaking ability in the return game. 

Tough night for Jaiquawn Jarret. Hopefully he can turn things around considering all reports have been that he’s had a solid camp. 

Final note: I think the Eagles will be making a few more trades as the roster slims down. The defensive end position is looking well stocked and with only so much space for d-linemen on the 53-man roster, maybe Darryl Tapp or Philip Hunt can be had for the right price?

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