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Around the Cooler 2/13/14: In Soviet Russia, Showers Make You Dirty!

Zombie bearHere’s what we’re talking about:

  • Conditions at the Olympics, Watching People Shower, and, of course, Zombies (0:00)
  • Michael Sam and Gay Players in the Locker Room (12:00)
  • Sixers and Flyers status at the break (26:30)

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So How Do I Get to Sochi?

Anybody else notice how every NBC-owned network wouldn’t shut up about the Olympics last night? Well, apparently the 2014 Winter Olympics are going to start exactly one year from today.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but didn’t Canada just recover from getting Ryan Miller’d?

While we usually focus on the great city of Philadelphia here, we also like America. Combine that with my obsession with international hockey and I’m already thinking about what the U.S. could be sending to Sochi, Russia.

Since the 2010 Olympics, U.S. hockey has two Junior Hockey Golds and the last two Conn Smythe winners. This team could be even better than the 2010 squad. Read the rest of this entry


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