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Around the Cooler 4/4/14: DeSean’s True Colors (Burgundy and Gold)

DeSean SkinsHere’s what we’re talking about:

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Around the Cooler 3/26/14: Ball Hogs

mark-cuban Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • Mark Cuban sees an implosion for the NFL! Ray and Vince fight it out!



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MFWE: New Orleans Saints Free Agents

Saints_LogoOnce free agency settles down I decided to talk with some Saints fans about the newest Eagles additions of Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles.

Jenkins, who was drafted by the Saints with the 14th overall pick in 2009, started the last four seasons at safety. Sproles, who was signed away from the San Diego Chargers, played three years in New Orleans. Based on that time, here’s what Reddit’s Saints fans had to say:

1. What’s the best and worst of Malcolm Jenkins


Malcom Jenkins isn’t a star safety, but he’s a relatively dependable player. I think he’ll do well on Philly and still has some growing potential, considering he’s only 26. He has a tendency to make big plays when it matters, so I’d consider him a “clutch” player. His biggest asset is speed, not covering ability, though his reactions to force INTs are always good too.

From Cloud9Formations:

Jenkin’s best trait would be his intelligence. He rarely is out of position on a play. Yet his tackling ability leaves much to be desired. He will miss quite a few open field tackles that are sure to make a highlight reel for the other team because this usually results in a touchdown. His athletic abilities are very average for his position as well. He does, however, make a few outstanding plays a year which will leave you wondering if he is really the same player. It is totally possible that he will improve his technique and will become a more elite safety rather than average.

From Frohirrim:

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Eagles Free Agency Candidates

whitnerThe weather is warm, the sun will stay out later, and football has returned to the world. Praise be to Allah!

As I mentioned the other day, the team looks really good prior to the start of the league year. The Eagles enter into free agency with an estimated cap room of roughly $29 million, which will be the 8th best in the league. This space gives the team the type of flexibility to do whatever they’d like and, consequently, the dreamers are dreaming.

What big move will the Eagles make?

The problem, however is that EVERYONE has a ton of cap space. The Eagles have $29 million dollars in cap room…and they’re 8th in the league. Last year, when the cap was $125 million compared to this years $133, the Browns had the most cap space in the league with $25 million. The eighth highest team had only $8.4 million.

There’s going to be a ton of money in the market. So, given the likelihood of sky-high prices for the top of the class, who should they be looking to spend on?

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The Eagles Status Prior to Free Agency

The Eagles did a lot of locking up their own players this offseason with the signings of Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Peters and Jason Kelce. They’ve also departed with their third Jason in Avant, who’s release gave the Eagles over three million in cap room. So here’s what the Eagles are looking like in a few major areas going into free agency, which starts on March 11th.

Photo courtesy ESPN

Photo courtesy ESPN

Free Agents:

  • Mike Vick
  • Nate Allen
  • Kurt Coleman
  • Colt Anderson
  • Clifton Geathers
  • Donnie Jones

The first thing that comes to my mind is that this list is fantastic for the Eagles because the primary target here is the punter. Sure, I’m a strong supporter of Vick returning as a backup, but until he tests the market there’s simply no chance that he signs a deal. For the rest of the group the problem is that while some of these guys could possibly be signed as reserve roles there’s really no upside.

For example, Colt Anderson isn’t turning into a starting caliber safety at this point in his career. The Eagles are better off signing youth and drafting replacements in the secondary to build up their special teams and overall depth. It’s the smartest route and most cost effective route. Speaking of which…

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Johnny Manziel, Brett Favre, and the First Overall Pick

Manziel and FavreThe NFL combine is underway and one of the most common practices is comparing the prospects to current pros. Often times, those players are compared to Pro Bowlers and Hall of Fame caliber players. One of the most recent cases has been Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel being compared to Brett Favre.

Favre’s gambling ways earned him a Super Bowl, 11 Pro Bowls, three MVPs, six All Pro selections and a number of records over his 20 year career. Manziel, like his legendary counterpart, has electrified crowds on his way to a Heisman trophy, two bowl game victories, a slew of awards, and the status as a top pick in the draft.

So what did Favre say about the comparison? In an interview with USA Today Favre said when he was reviewing Manziel’s tape, “I almost thought I was watching film of a young Brett Favre.” So obviously, the connection isn’t too farfetch’d. In fact, I find this link to the past eerily similar.

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Around the Cooler 2/18/14: Incognito

 Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • A great deal has been revealed about a man named Incognito, and the irony is too much for us to handle.
  • We’re joined by longtime friend Ray McC* for our baffled response to the NFL’s latest, strangest controversy.

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Cooler Talk: NFL Draft Values and The QB

I was asked a question in the comments and I realized that my response would likely be so long that I’d rather just make an entire post to respond to it. Thus, Cooler Talk has been born! If you have a question that you’d like to ask feel free to leave a comment, find us on Facebook/Twitter or e-mail us at

This comment was from Ryan MacWilliams in regards to my article about the Seattle Seahawks changing the NFL culture.

My question is, do you think this change immediately impacts the 2014 NFL Draft? Last year it seemed like this year’s draft was going to be the YEAR OF THE QUARTERBACK but now it seems like the Texans are going to take Clowney with the first pick.

Are more teams going to draft defense (or lineman to protect against great defenses) and sit on the QB-WR-RB position until later rounds?

First off, thanks for the question and going through the article. Much appreciated.

Now to answer you, I do think it will have an immediate impact on the draft though it will be more subtle for now. The main change for this year will be related to buzzwords surrounding defensive backs.

I’m expecting that we’ll hear a ton about length, physicality, and ability to press cover compared to what has previously been valued. Primarily the past emphasis has been on ball skills, recovery speed, and fluidity. While in part it has to do with Seattle’s secondary as whole, it’s also related to the passing torch from Darrelle Revis to Richard Sherman.

Now you bring up Bill O’Brien and the Texans leaning towards Jadaveon Clowney, which is what really got me geared up to do this as a separate post. Because an obvious case in history here is just a few years back in time–2006 specifically–when the Texans had a debate between drafting Mario Williams or Reggie Bush.

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Eagles Offseason Checklist

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

With only one more meaningful football game left in the 2013-14 NFL season, 30 teams are already beginning the process of shaping their team for next season. The goal is to make sure that your franchise is not in the same position 365 days from today.

To accomplish that goal, the Philadelphia Eagles will have to build upon a season that exceeded the expectations of almost every expert, and perhaps even those of members of the team. Hats off to you if you predicted a 10-6 season and a division championship under first year coach Chip Kelly. You were definitely one of very few.

Regardless of the unexpected outcome, Philadelphia fans and media will adjust accordingly. The expectations next year will undoubtedly rise and rightfully so. The Eagles did many things, especially on the offensive side, that should have fans excited about this team’s future. However, if you want to build upon the growth of this past season, you need a plan. That plan has to be aimed at filling as many holes on this team as possible.

Here is a look at the Eagles’ checklist for this offseason with a few potential suggestions of how to accomplish the goals.

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I Love Richard Sherman


Everyone expected a great day of football and the NFL delivered. We’ll be getting the perfect match-up of the unstoppable force vs the immovable object. Denver vs Seattle for the Super Bowl.

There’s so much to say about what went down this weekend (The Pats finally unable to overcome their injuries, another glaring example of imperfect rules, and questions on Kaepernick) but the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about this weekend is this amazing interview after the Seattle/San Francisco game.

Guys, I have a confession. As you might suspect (because it’s the title and all) I love Richard Sherman. I love him so much that I honestly don’t know where to begin…

I guess I’ll start where all love starts. It’s physical. Thanks to a combination of things like improved nutrition, specialized training, and Chinese programs to breed super-people we’re seeing positions evolve in football.

Tight end has changed from an extension of the offensive line to a receiving nightmare, quarterbacks are expected to literally run the offense, and apparently guys are listed on their roster as being “offensive weapons“. But since a golden age of safeties in the early 2000′s there hasn’t been much evolution on the defensive side of the ball.

Enter Richard Sherman.

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