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The Eagles’ Coaching Thread

I am the Walrus

With all of the reports flying, we’ll give you an updated list of people that the Eagles are talking to and are reportedly interested in talking to over the course of this process. We’ll also be providing commentary on a regular basis as the situation develops. Feel free to chime in on who you love, hate or want to see on the list in the comments section!

Coaches interviewed:

Mike Nolan – Defensive coordinator, Atlanta Falcons
Keith Armstrong – Special teams coordinator, Atlanta Falcons
Gus Bradley – Defensive coordinator, Seattle Seahawks
Lovie Smith – Former head coach, Chicago Bears
Brian Billick – FOX announcer/Former head coach, Baltimore Ravens
Ken Whisenhunt – Former head coach, Arizona Cardinals

Coaches they’re scheduled to interview:

Bruce Arians – Offensive coordinator/interim head coach, Indianapolis Colts
Jay Gruden – Offensive coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals        Interview on Monday

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New Head Honcho: Part 7

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at potential head coaching candidates for the Eagles with the assumption that Andy Reid would be fired. I most recently covered Jon Gruden, Ray Horton, and Vic Fangio but you can see the entire list here.

Now that Reid’s firing is official, it’s time to examine one name that keeps popping up in connection to the Birds.

Mike McCoy – Offensive coordinator, Denver Broncos

Mike McCoy

McCoy is great candidate for the job, in part, because of his coaching background.

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New Head Honcho List

Check back here every week to see which candidate has been added to the New Head Honcho series! So far we’ve covered:

Pete Carmichael Jr. – Offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints

Jay Gruden – Offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals

Rick Dennison – Dffensive coordinator of the Houston Texans

Vic Fangio – Defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers

Ray Horton – Defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals

Jon Gruden – ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst

Mike McCoy – Offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos

Gus Bradley – Offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks

New Head Honcho: Part 5

With Andy Reid likely less than two weeks away from being fired, it’s time to look ahead to some future candidates for the Eagles’ head coaching job. So far Pete Carmichael Jr., Jay Gruden, Rick Dennison, and Vic Fangio have gone under the microscope. This week we keep the search in the NFC with another aggressive coordinator.

Ray Horton – Defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

On offense the Cards are a despicable bunch. Their is attack is the worst in the league this year (4th worst last season) and has managed to limit future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald to 674 yards and 4 TDs on the season. It’s miserable in the desert, which certainly helps boost the already impressive resume of Horton.

After a ten year career as a defensive back, Ray Horton entered the coaching ranks in 1994 as a defensive assistant and then defensive backs coach for the Washington Redskins.  He also coached defensive backs in Cincinnati and Detroit before moving on to coach a familiar enemy: the Pittsburgh Steelers. Under the guidance of Dick LeBeau, Horton helped to construct an annual defensive juggernaut.

For example, developed players such as Ike Taylor and 2010 Defensive Player of the Year Troy Polamalu.  After that 2010 season, Arizona swooped in and handed Horton the job as defensive coordinator.

Let’s take a look at the numbers from his two campaigns so far:

Year Pts/G Yds/G 3rd Pct Opp Comp. % FF Sacks Safeties Int
2012.0 21.6 335.8 34.0 54.5 14.0 36.0 1.0 22.0
2011.0 21.8 355.1 31.0 58.8 18.0 42.0 3.0 23.0
Average 21.7 345.5 32.5 56.7 16.0 39.0 2.0 22.5

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New Head Honcho: Part 4

With Andy Reid all but certain to be out of town, it’s time to look ahead toward some potential head coaching candidates. So far Pete Carmichael Jr., Jay Gruden, and Rick Dennison have been discussed as potential suitors. However, all of these coordinators have been on the offensive side of the ball and they’re terrified of the newest candidate:

Vic Fangio – San Francisco 49ers Defensive Coordinator


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