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Hold On, You’re Going Home: The Finale

This is the fourth installment of the Hold On You’re Going Home Series. You can check out the previous three installments in order here, here, and here.

During Easter I somehow stumbled into three or four conversations that found their way towards an iconic character in television: Michael Scott. As a result, I will be doing this final installment of Hold On You’re Going Home in a way that would make him proud


Roast Time!


Damaris Johnson: You were charged with embezzlement before joining the Eagles and after these two years we know the only thing that you embezzled is talent. Boom! You’re going home!

Bryce Brown: I know you had some problems at school, but no one ever mentions your kindergarten struggles…you’d only color outside of the edges. Boom! You’re going home!

Nate Allen: For a guy that can be described using the words “Florida” and “safety” you do a surprisingly horrible job of standing your ground. Boom! You’re going home!

Curtis Marsh: You wouldn’t have so many injuries if you had milk with your Wheaties as a kid. Then again you may have never had Wheaties either. It’s the breakfast of champions. Boom! You’re going home!

BONUS! DeSean Jackson: You got flack for being a bad guy in Philly, but I imagine you’ll do great work for the DC community when Dan Snyder hires you as a sign language translator. Boom! You’re already gone!


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Hold On You’re Going Home: Part Three

This is part three in the Hold On, You’re Going Home series. If you’d like to check out the first two installments you can check them here and here!

Alex Henery

A widely-known, but highly under-appreciated fact of life in the NFL is that kickers score the most points. Period. When looking at the list for the NFL’s all-time leading scorers the first non-kicker is Jerry Rice…and he’s 31st. Kicking is an essential part of NFL success, which is exactly why Alex Henery needs to be shown the door.

Selected in the fourth round out of Nebraska, Henery was considered an elite kicking prospect. He was the most accurate kicker in college history with a 89.5% conversion rate and was showered with awards over his four seasons as a Husker. The kid was good.

However, that success hasn’t translated to the NFL. In fact, Henery has regressed each season that he’s been in the league. His career kicking percentages are 88.9% (2011, 5th place), 87.1% (2012, 15th) and 82.1% (2013, 22nd). For 2013 specifically, Henery’s numbers took a dive due to struggles in the 40-49 yard range where he hit seven of ten.

So just how important is that decrease in field goal accuracy?

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Hold On, You’re Going Home: Part One

via (AP Photo/Mark Stehle)

via (AP Photo/Mark Stehle)

The offseason is almost over for the Eagles as we near the start of (not so) voluntary workouts, which start April 21st. There’s also that little, totally under-hyped thing called the draft on the way. Instead of blathering about needs that we all know I’d rather discuss the players that should get the boot before the regular season starts. I’ll be doing this series in installments because I said so. Wanna fight about it?

The first player on this list actually really hurts. However, as much I don’t like it, it’s time for Brandon Graham to move on. Graham, who was the Eagles first pick in the 2010 draft, is no longer a fit with this team.

The initial intent was to land a pass rushing force on the opposite side of Trent Cole in the 4-3. It worked. Despite a slow start to his career and a torn ACL, Graham was one of very few bright spots for the 2012 Eagles. In fact, he was utterly dominant. Take a look at the numbers according to PFF:

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Around the Cooler 4/4/14: DeSean’s True Colors (Burgundy and Gold)

DeSean SkinsHere’s what we’re talking about:

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DeSean Jackson Decision More Foolish Than Prudent

DeSean Jackson signs his new deal in Washington. (credit: Washington Redskins Twitter)

DeSean Jackson signs his new deal in Washington. (credit: Washington Redskins Twitter)

[Note from Vince: This piece is a counter to my article from yesterday. Expect us to verbally duke it out in a podcast this week!]

Why did the Eagles release DeSean Jackson? He’s a locker room distraction. He’s cocky. He’s lazy. He’s a bad influence. He’s a gang member. Most important of all, he does not fit in with the Eagles culture.

What is the Eagles culture and what exactly about it does Jackson not suit? All of those tag lines about Jackson listed above that explain why he was released are rather ambiguous.

Here’s the concrete stuff.

He recorded 82 receptions, 1,332 yards, nine touchdowns and a 16.2 ypc average in 2013 as the team’s most utilized and targeted receiving option.

It is not entirely clear what culture the Eagles are looking to build, but the above facts about Jackson seem rather congruent with a winning one.

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A Deep Breath After DeSean Jackson

DeSean JacksonAfter weeks of back and forth, the Eagles released DeSean Jackson on Friday. Now, he’s a Washington Redskin.

The debate over Jackson’s departure has hinged on the simple and seemingly unanswerable question: Was this the right move?

In order to give a fair assessment of this decision you can’t look at the move as an isolated instance. Yes, the Eagles just released a 27-year-old Pro Bowl receiver coming off of a career season. Yes, they’ll need to add some depth. However, I don’t think the answer can be found by asking ‘how does this affect the team?’ It should be ‘what does this say about the organization?’

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MFWE: New Orleans Saints Free Agents

Saints_LogoOnce free agency settles down I decided to talk with some Saints fans about the newest Eagles additions of Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles.

Jenkins, who was drafted by the Saints with the 14th overall pick in 2009, started the last four seasons at safety. Sproles, who was signed away from the San Diego Chargers, played three years in New Orleans. Based on that time, here’s what Reddit’s Saints fans had to say:

1. What’s the best and worst of Malcolm Jenkins


Malcom Jenkins isn’t a star safety, but he’s a relatively dependable player. I think he’ll do well on Philly and still has some growing potential, considering he’s only 26. He has a tendency to make big plays when it matters, so I’d consider him a “clutch” player. His biggest asset is speed, not covering ability, though his reactions to force INTs are always good too.

From Cloud9Formations:

Jenkin’s best trait would be his intelligence. He rarely is out of position on a play. Yet his tackling ability leaves much to be desired. He will miss quite a few open field tackles that are sure to make a highlight reel for the other team because this usually results in a touchdown. His athletic abilities are very average for his position as well. He does, however, make a few outstanding plays a year which will leave you wondering if he is really the same player. It is totally possible that he will improve his technique and will become a more elite safety rather than average.

From Frohirrim:

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Around the Cooler 3/20/14: Locker Room Politics

rollins200517 Here’s what we’re talking about:

  • The curious cases of DeSean Jackson and Jimmy Rollins (0:00)
  • The Flyers are heating up! How does their next week look? (22:00)
  • March Madness, draft prospects, and the importance of winning (29:30)
  • The viability of two sport athletes in today’s game (39:00)

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Sproling for Philadelphia

sproles1In what was a seemingly dull free agency period for the Eagles, they pulled off what will be a top-notch, low-risk acquisition in Darren Sproles.

Sproles will provide that versatile X factor that the Eagles failed to find in the likes of Demaris Johnson, Russell Sheppard, and Brad Smith (though I don’t mind Smith). He’ll play in the backfield, spread out wide, and contribute in the return game as well. It’s just a truly perfect fit.

So let’s dig into some of the numbers in order to figure out exactly how Sproles was used and the type of production to expect from him.

To the surprise of no onef, Sproles has been used significantly more as a receiver than an actual running back. How unbalanced was it? Just check out his numbers from his three years in New Orleans.

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Quick Thoughts: Eagles Free Agency Is a Flat Circle

jenkinsEveryone and their mother (goose) wanted Jairus Byrd. Instead the Eagles signed Malcolm Jenkins from the Saints and also cut deals with three other players. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • First, and most importantly, this isn’t a surprise. At all. The Eagles did a lot of the same last season. They added cheaper, lower-risk players with the ability to provide starting-caliber play. That’s exactly what Jenkins is.
  • I think, in part, people are upset because of timing. Most of the top-tier safeties are signed, the Eagles hadn’t made any major moves (though I value Donnie Jones as a major move), and Byrd was seemingly the last man standing. “It’s destiny. The Eagles haven’t had a good safety since Dawkins and now Byrd’s now going to be a—MIKE JENKINS!!!!”
  • By the way, I disagree with people saying that we haven’t had a good safety since Dawkins. Quentin Mikell was a really solid, consistent presence in the secondary. Don’t sleep on Q.
  • Another reason that this signing seemingly stings so much is because Jenkins emerged like a secret service agent diving to take a bullet. If Mike Mitchell, who had been rumored as a target, was the Eagles choice I doubt the signing would have caused nearly the same aftershock.
  • You look cute today. Is that a new shirt? ; )
  • Earl Wolff is currently the only other reasonable option to start at safety. Start the Clinton Dix parade!
  • It’s good to see special teams addressed even if it’s not sexy. Adding cheap OLB and safety depth with a good special teams track record will be the kind of subtle moves that are forgotten in September, but help make the push to February.
  • I’m expecting the Eagles to bring in a few more bodies before it’s all said and done. Line depth specifically, though,my unrealistic dream of Maurice Jones-Drew as an Eagle still lives on.
  • Darrelle Revis and DeMarcus Ware are free agents after being released. I think the fact that they’re the 9th bullet point says enough about my confidence in either of those two in Philly.
  • Wait to see the rest of the moves before painting a broad picture of the season. We still have a the rest of free agency and the draft before we really know what this team will look like.


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