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So How Do I Get to Sochi?

Anybody else notice how every NBC-owned network wouldn’t shut up about the Olympics last night? Well, apparently the 2014 Winter Olympics are going to start exactly one year from today.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but didn’t Canada just recover from getting Ryan Miller’d?

While we usually focus on the great city of Philadelphia here, we also like America. Combine that with my obsession with international hockey and I’m already thinking about what the U.S. could be sending to Sochi, Russia.

Since the 2010 Olympics, U.S. hockey has two Junior Hockey Golds and the last two Conn Smythe winners. This team could be even better than the 2010 squad. Read the rest of this entry

What are the effects of a short season? An NHL preview to a preview

On the morning of Sunday, January 6th, I came to an unsettling revelation – I think I’m a Canadian.

With an affinity for a good beer and pop culture knowledge that trails that of most Americans by at least 20 years, perhaps this should not have been surprising.

But in the thick of the NBA schedule and with a slate of NFL playoff games looming, I came to this realization as my mind was transfixed on a suddenly impending NHL season.

Since that morning, my thoughts have rarely drifted, and I could not be more ready for hockey season. Over the next couple of days, I’ll post some thoughts on the NHL and the Flyers as we all prepare for this sprint of a season.

Before getting too deep in the league, though, I want to focus on something that came to mind in one of my first conversations after the lockout ended. One of my buddies expressed his excitement because he felt the Flyers would have a better opportunity to contend for a Cup in a short, potentially hectic season.  Read the rest of this entry


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