Holistic Treatment for Herpes

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease or STD, which is the result of the herpes simplex 1 or type 2 virus.  Most cases of genital herpes are the result of type 2 and most people have no signs or symptoms until the first outbreak occurs.  When you suspect you may have herpes, you need to arrange for an appointment with your doctor to determine a diagnosis.  Generally, treatment for herpes consists of taking antiviral medications to treat and suppress outbreaks, but there is also holistic treatment for herpes methods you can use as well.

What are the signs and symptoms of genital herpes?

With genital herpes, you will experience one or more blisters in the genital area and these typically itch and burn.  Once the blister breaks, it will leave a tender sore which can take anywhere from 14-30 days to heal from the first appearance.  Typically, another outbreak will happen within a matter of days or weeks after the first, but these are normally less severe and shorter than the initial one.  Though you will generally experience fewer outbreaks over the years, you still need to seek diagnosis and medical treatment in order to treat the disease and avoid spreading it to others.  In addition to medications, you can also explore the benefits of holistic treatments for herpes, because it can help to improve your quality of life and alleviate the symptoms of herpes outbreaks.

How does someone contract genital herpes?

Herpes simplex 1 and 2 are found and released from sores which contain the virus, but it can also occur between outbreaks from areas on the skin which do not have sores.  Most often, a person contracts herpes simplex 2 from having unprotected sexual intercourse with someone who has the virus, but not everyone knows they have the disease. Herpes simplex 1 can also cause genital herpes, but these are most often the types which causes sores on the lips and mouth.  When someone receives a diagnosis of herpes, it is important to follow your doctors treatment plan and to even think about holistic herpes treatments as well, because these can help.

How is genital herpes diagnosed?

The signs and symptoms a person has when experiencing herpes types 1 or 2 can vary and some individuals have none at all.  Normally, a health care professional will make a diagnosis of herpes of the genitals by performing a visual examination, but it can also be done using a blood test if the person has not had an outbreak.  Once you receive a diagnosis of herpes, you need to discuss treatment options with your doctor and you may want to think about holistic treatment for herpes after talking further with a holistic health practitioner.

Why should you consider holistic treatments for herpes?

Herpes can be a very disturbing diagnosis and when you receive it, your life is going to change in many ways.  You must take precautions to prevent active outbreaks from occurring and you must also protect yourself and your sexual partner from contracting the virus as well.  Through using different holistic treatment for herpes methods you can control your health, decrease the number of outbreaks you experience and have a better quality of life as well, so it is worthwhile to explore all the options available.