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The Boondoggle: Andy Reid traded to San Diego for GM A.J. Smith

"I can end you, son."

“I can end you, son.”

Contrary to reports that both had been fired, Andy Reid’s remaining contract has been traded to the San Diego Chargers for the rights to general manager A.J. Smith.

“I myself believe, as many of you believe, that this team needs a culture change,” team owner Jeffrey Lurie announced to the media on Monday. “I’ve studied the past couple seasons, and it’s obvious we’ve regressed significantly since the departure of Joe Banner. Howie Roseman is our most skillful talent evaluator, but frankly he just isn’t enough of a dick.”

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Andy Reid Fired: The Taxing End of an Era

It’s finally happened.

After 14 seasons Andy Reid has been fired as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I’ve been waiting about ten weeks to write that sentence, but I didn’t realize how much writing it would actually impact me.

McNabb_ReidReid? Fired? It reminds me of how I felt when I heard that Brian Dawkins signed a deal with the Denver Broncos: confused, concerned, and empty.

Confused by the absence of the guy who has led this team since I was nine years old. The guy who took us frem Bobby Hoying to Donovan McNabb, to regular NFC championship appearances, and a Super Bowl. While I have flashes of memories from the pre-Reid era, Reid has been the embodiment of Eagles football for as long as I’ve been an obsessive fan. It’s bizarre to know that all of the moments and players and games that I remember – my entire childhood of football – are now the symbols of a crumbled empire. History.

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Video: Thaddeus Young…’Nuff Said

The Sixers may have lost last night to the Golden State Warriors, but THIS HAPPENED!


That might have been the dunk of the year. Think so? Leave a comment. Got a better dunk from this year, let us know in the comments.

Video: A Former Sixer Did What!?



That’s Moe Harkless. Short-time Sixer draftee from this past summer. He was shipped out as part of the Bynum trade and, well, now he’s doing this…allll over Sideshow Lopez’s hair. Now, Harkless may only be averaging 4 pts and 4 rebounds per. But, he’s only 19, he’s already earned a starting spot on the 12-17 Magic with his defense, and, well you saw the video.

More former-Sixer Mayhem, after the break. 
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New Head Honcho: Part 6

Over the last few weeks I’ve been profiling head coaching candidates with the understanding that Andy Reid will be fired at the end of the season. As of now five other candidates have been scrutinized. So, with Big Red’s last dance likely two days away it’s time to examine a similarly high-profile coach:

Jon Gruden – ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst


While a few former Super Bowl coaches have been mentioned as a possibility for the Eagles, Gruden’s name has been most frequently connected to the organization. Considering his past, it’s not exactly surprising.

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New Head Honcho List

Check back here every week to see which candidate has been added to the New Head Honcho series! So far we’ve covered:

Pete Carmichael Jr. – Offensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints

Jay Gruden – Offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals

Rick Dennison – Dffensive coordinator of the Houston Texans

Vic Fangio – Defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers

Ray Horton – Defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals

Jon Gruden – ESPN Monday Night Football Analyst

Mike McCoy – Offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos

Gus Bradley – Offensive coordinator of the Seattle Seahawks

The Wooder Cooler Weekly Podcast – 12/27/12

Here’s what we’re talking about:
Eagles season wrap-up, offseason possibilities, the draft, and Chip Kelly (0:00)
Sixers 8-game road trip, free agency, and possible trades (19:30)
Eagles-Giants prediction (49:30)

What are you talking about around the water cooler this week? Leave us a comment!

Week 16 Fan Review!

Just as Santa checks his list twice, we go back to examine an Eagles player from the previous contest. However, it’s up to you to tell us who we should examine. So vote in the poll below and, like the last two weeks, we’ll give you a comprehensive review of the player with the highest votes!

Merry Christmas!

Hello there!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas this year and felt it was only appropriate to share with you all one of the stories of Philadelphia’s most notorious symbols: Frank Olivo.

So kick back, enjoy a nice drink, and tell your friends what really went down in one of the most memorable moments in Philly sports history.

Fan Review – Week 15: Brandon Graham

After re-watching this game against Cincinnati, it’s impossible to come away anything but highly impressed with the performance of Brandon Graham. Graham (6’2″, 265) spent the entire night simply dominating a much larger right tackle in Andre Smith (6’4″, 335). Over the 51 plays Graham notched three sacks, a forced fumble, five QB hurries, and a place in my heart with his relentless effort.

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