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The New Head Honcho: Part 2

With Andy Reid all but certain to be gone, we will be examining some new head coaching candidates for the Birds this next season. First, we looked in to Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael Jr. This week, we’ll look at certain man named GRUDEN….’s little brother.

Jay Gruden – Offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Who Will Play First? Depressing Philly Version

Thank you to The Boss for this idea, even if I hate what it means for our fair sports city. So tell me, who plays first?



The Boondoggle: Mike Holmgren in Philly for Tonight’s Game

In a surprise move Mike Holmgren stepped down today from his role as decision maker for the Cleveland Browns. While Holmgren was expected to be let go at the end of the season, his early resignation seemed to be strange-or rather, suspicious. Making matters more clouded is the fact that Holmgren will be replaced by former Eagles president Joe Banner.

A report from an anonymous source within the Eagles organization has told us some utterly shocking news regarding tonight’s contest. It seems as though Philadelphia will experience the old bait and switch.

To put everything in context, we broke the news earlier in the season that Andy Reid has been anxious to move out of town. Now, Reid’s mentor-Mike Holmgren-has been informed by Joe Banner that the Eagles would like Holmgren to secretly coach as Andy Reid.

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Wooder Cooler Play of the Week [Poll]

It’s that time of the week again! I know you were all so excited. Without further adieu, the plays of the week:

Jrue Holiday Spin Cycle to the Hoop

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What to Watch for: Eagles/Panthers

A perfect summation

This game was described by Carolina wide receiver Steve Smith as a “battle of the bads,” which is impossible to argue with. At 2-8 and 3-7, these two teams are the third and sixth worst in the league. It’s going to be an ugly contest for sure as two teams with previously high-powered offenses have been lacking their mojo all season long. To make matters worse for Philadelphians, consider this: Andy Reid will be fired at the end of the year, but Ron Rivera and Sean McDermott-former members of Reid’s staff-will likely be out at the end of the year from Carolina as well. How totally unpleasant.

And now, what you should watch for tonight.

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New Head Honcho

With Andy Reid simply waiting to be fired, the focus is on the Eagles future. So, what we’ll be doing for the next few weeks is coming up with some interesting candidates for the job. And your first candidate is…

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It’s Thanksgiving!

You know what that means…tons of football, food, and family! So, I’d just like to post one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions….

The Turducken!

BOOM! Roasted!

Not only is the turducken a classic part of football history, but it’s without a doubt the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. So, if anyone is having one today it’s ok that you “forgot” to invite me. I forgive you and will be right over.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Wooder Cooler Hump Day Podcast – 11/14/12

Bynum continues to wear the fro despite doctors warnings that the extra weight could further impede his rehab

Getting you through your life, one Wednesday at a time. This week, we’re (finally) joined by our third writer, Ransom, who graces us with his Sixers expertise and beautiful, curly, ginger locks.

Here’s what we’re talking about:
The Bynum-less Sixers and the NBA

Listen in here: Hump Day Podcast – November 21, 2012

What are you talking about around the water cooler this week? Leave us a comment!

Wooder Cooler Play of the Week [Poll]

It’s a been a while, but back by popular demand: the weekly Philly play of the week poll. Check out our choices for top plays from last week and pick the one you’ll be talking about ’round the cooler this week:

J-Rich with the in-game 360 against the The Bucks: 

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Rock Bottom: ‘Skins 31, Eagles 6 (and The Worst Game Review Ever)

The lifeless Birds slogged through this game with the Hogs
Until Shady left late with his head in a fog
The offensive line‘s cogs looked a whole lot like dogs
Allowing poor Nick to be beaten and flogged

And RG3 had to do no more than jog
To open a hole that Todd Bowles could not clog
Asomugha moved like he was waterlogged
And the safeties, it seems, had no dialogue

Lo, the Birds’ players seem to be bogged
Down by a weight, like they’re chained to a log
Made of the ire of fanatics agog
For a change now that their prince has turned frog

For Reid’s career, this is a poor epilogue

…and if this wasn’t my blog, I’d be out of a job.


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