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A Signature Loss

The Eagles game against the Atlanta Falcons is the single most disgraceful performance in recently memory. Forget the collapses against San Francisco, Minnesota, or Detroit. This is by far the worst.

After Reid fired Juan Castillo, not just the team, but the entire country knew that the Eagles were on notice. Having blown two fourth quarter leads to earn a .500 record, this game against the Atlanta Falcons had the potential to define the Eagles season. No Eagles fan could ask for better circumstances.

The Eagles were 13-0 coming off of the bye under Andy Reid, the game was at home, the Falcons knew nothing about Todd Bowles, and the Eagles have been a team that can explode offensively. This looked like the perfect opportunity to play a fairly soft 6-0 team and smack them in the mouth.

That wasn’t the case.

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Andrew Bynum: For Better or Worse?

Can we have this…

Sorry for my apparent obsession, but with new centerpiece (pun intended) Andrew Bynum all but out for the Sixers season opener this week we have no choice but to ask: Can the Sixers succeed without Andrew Bynum? That goes for both the short and long-term

With knee injuries apparently lingering, what happens if our coveted offseason centerpiece (pun still intended) never fully recovers? The prevailing wisdom is bleak. They NEED Andrew Bynum to come in and dominate from day one if they want any part of the Eastern Conference playoffs in this season or any of the next several.

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Gimme Shelter – Falcons 30, Eagles 17

It was a stormy day at the Linc, though it’s uncertain whether the gusts were born of Sandy’s impending wrath or the ominous winds of change. In a season of decline for Andy Reid, today’s development was the most alarming yet. The Eagles lost for the first time in the game following a bye week, something Philadelphia hasn’t seen during Reid’s tenure. And though the gap on the scoreboard was just short of two touchdowns, even that mark doesn’t properly represent the unevenness of this contest.

The defense had no less than it’s 2nd worst performance of the season, getting burned for two long touchdowns and a hail of easy completions. Kurt Coleman was the villain once again, guilty of flinching at yet another pump fake and giving up a long score. Nnamdi Asomugha, ever the comedian, did his best impression of an old man on a Julio Jones go-route. Mychal Kendricks continued to regress in pass coverage, allowing two costly third-down pass interference penalties and a couple more first-down catches to the apparently ageless Tony Gonzalez. Over the last few weeks, with the offense fighting to stay above water, the defense has at least dammed the opposition offenses and kept the team in the game. Today, with a new coordinator and an undefeated opponent, the deluge proved too immense. And when the levee breaks, you’ve got no place to stay.
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22 Games of NHL Season Cancelled

As the lockout continues to make hockey fans miserable, times have gotten worse. The NHL has officially cancelled 22 games from the schedule.

The games include all match-ups through November 30th. For the Flyers, this means that their season opener has again been rescheduled. If an agreement is reached in time, the Flyers will play on December 1st against the Florida Panthers. The odds of this arrangement coming together in time, however, is a different story.

What to Watch For: Eagles vs Falcons

Everyone knows what this week means for the Eagles. With the Birds sitting at .500, everyone in Philadelphia is waiting for this team to explode. Whether that explosion is from production on the field or the death of an era remains to be seen.

For this week, the story is about a battle the unbeatens. The Atlanta Falcons come into town with a 6-0 record after the bye. The Eagles are 13-0 coming off of the bye under the tenure of Andy Reid. Another thing to note is that, when you take a look at the numbers, Atlanta’s record isn’t quite so impressive.

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Scott Hartnell to be Self Employed; A Note on the Winter Classic

As the lockout lingers longer into the season and starting dates are continuously pushed back, players are scouring European leagues for a place to play. For Scott Hartnell, the decision was an easy one.

It is being reported that Hartnell will begin playing with Kalpa Koupio of the Finnish Elite League. He owns five percent of the club, so it’s safe to assume that he’ll be a starter there.

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Juan Castillo Claims Firing Part of “The Plan”

An evil genius at work

In what has become an Earth shattering piece of news for Eagles nation, Juan Castillo has revealed in a recent interview that his firing is part of possibly the biggest conspiracy in the history of football.

During a recent interview with ESPN Castillo told reporters that his firing was not only expected, but planned.

“I was getting nervous that I wasn’t going to be released as early as [Andy Reid and I] discussed. It was creating a lot of pressure on me,” said Castillo. “The plan is that Andy is hoping to be fired at the end of the year. He’d like to move out of Philadelphia. For him it’s been really exhausting to listen to people constantly screaming for Nick Foles with Michael [Vick] out there. Basically, he wants to get a fresh start.”

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The Wooder Cooler Hump Day Podcast – 10/24/12

There are no subliminal messages in our podcasts.

Here’s what we’re talking about:
The State of the NFC East (0:00)
Eagles v. Falcons (22:00)

Listen in here: Hump Day Podcast – October 24, 2012

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More Good News…

Another day, another ambiguously bad rumor/update on Andrew Bynum’s delicate knees. This time it appears that he is still suffering soreness and will be held of practice until that is no longer the case. Ya know, just to be safe with the geriatric knees of our 24-year-old future $120 million investment. The actual NBA Rumor central update, courtesy of Joe Kaiser and the Microsoft Snipping Tool:

I apologize if it seems like I’ve become a walking Bynum medical alert. But, dude was supposed to begin practicing again today in the hopes of starting on opening night in a week. Now, he’s not practicing today and may not start next week. I might have already bought tickets for that game… consider me concerned.

Wooder Cooler Play of the Week [Poll]

Ok so we are going to start something new and exciting here. Every Monday we here at The Wooder Cooler are going to pare down a week’s worth of Philly sports in a few highlight reel plays. Then, the best part, you vote on your favorites.

Without Further adieu…

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